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Whether it’s Ducted Air Conditioning or one of a number of options available in Split Systems – our 25 years in the business has helped us gain status as a Mitsubishi diamond dealer.

We only deal with the best of brands and will only install quality brand equipment. 

At Williams and Burns Contracting we encourage high quality regular maintenance and repair of air conditioning systems in order to prevent expensive refurbishments and upgrades.

We  offer:

  • air conditioning & mechanical services
  • proactive preventative maintenance,
  • breakdown repair
  • retrofit & replacement

Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

Ideally suited for your home/office, this system gives you complete control over the climate, in winter and summer. Whole home or just 1 or a few rooms!

You can choose from:

Ducted Systems

A Ducted Air Conditioning System is a comprehensive solution and provides air conditioned comfort to a regulated temperature throughout new and existing homes. 

Room/Split Systems

A modern slim line air conditioner that can be less obtrusive and give you exact control over the temperature in any given room.

We also have a range of other options, including:

Variable Refrigerant System

Variable Refrigerant Air Conditioning Systems are ultimate for energy efficiency in every situation (except perhaps very large commercial buildings which would have a boiler room and a cooling tower) and provide individual temperature control with greatest flexibility as to what areas are conditioned. 

Gas Ducted Heating

We can install LPG or natural gas ducted heating systems throoughout your home, which can be zoned for different areas depending on your needs.   We also offer refrigerated add on cooling to compliment your gas  ducted system.   We can  convert your existing LPG gas ducted system to natural gas.

Ducted Vacuum Systems

Improve your indoor air quality and environment with an inbuilt central vacuum cleaning system.

Williams and Burns manufacture and install commercial and domestic inbuilt central vacuum cleaning systems, with special expertise in “wet/dry” systems and the “dry only” type.

Inbuilt central vacuum cleaning systems are much more efficient than portable machines and greatly assist in the removal of airborne bacteria and allergens from the workplace and home.  Dust and waste products are quickly removed from your environment to a remote collection device, usually outside the building or in the basement.

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